Choosing a mask?

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One of the big questions is ‘should I buy a Silicone or rubber mask?’ While it is always going to be a matter of personal preference which one is best for you, we can explain the primary difference. The older heavy-duty style rubber masks are still around and, they may appear to be more indestructible – but they will perish. While silicone masks don’t perish, they may discolour with age. This discolouration is not a failure of the material but it can detract from its appearance. Over-all, the softer silicon material will fit most face shapes better.

In an ideal world your mask shouldn’t leak at all but there is no ideal world, all masks will leak to some degree on occasion. When choosing a mask, fit has to be the main consideration. Looks and price may be considerations but remember, keeping the water off your face is the main consideration. Clearing a mask is quite simple but having to do it too often can distract from an otherwise enjoyable dive.

One great feature with silicon masks is that they come in clear or black silicon. Black silicon masks are particularly popular with free-divers and Technical divers. The success of silicone masks is evidenced by the range of these masks now available. The vast majority being purchased are silicone but a small range of rubber masks are still available and popular.

To ensure the best selection and fit, talk to your dive professionals at NZ Sea Adventures. They will also help you to prepare your mask correctly to prevent it ‘fogging up’.

Happy diving.

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