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There’s always something happening in the dive community.  Keep up to date with the latest in News and Events on offer at Wellingtons Premier Dive Centre – New Zealand Sea Adventures.

  • Wellington SCUBA Diving Newsletter

    August 2018

    Dive Courses, Local Diving, Dive Trips, Dive Gear and more! Wellingtons Premier PADI 5* IDC and TDI/KISS Rebreather Centre We’ve got Dry Suit’s, Dive courses and SCUBA Diving Trips, special dive days (re-scheduled) and all the latest from Max’s Column.

  • wellington scuba diving dive pacific magazine

    DIVE Pacific Magazines – in store now

    Stop by NZ Sea Adventures for a copy of the latest Dive Pacific Magazine!  Great articles about diving, dive gear, destinations and recent news from the diving world down under..  Just $9.90 or pick up a copy at Crew Night on Wednesday (1st of August)

  • Wellington SCUBA Diving Navigation Course PADI Specialty

    PADI Specialties of the Quarter – Underwater Navigator

    Knowing where you are & where you’re going makes a big difference to how much fun you have when Scuba diving.  With some well honed under water navigation skills you can make your diving more relaxing & may be the difference between finding a special spot underwater – or not.  Try the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty and […]

  • Wellington Womens Dive Day SCUBA Diving Equipment Specialty

    November Dive Day – 2018

    Join the Crew for a warmer Women’s Dive Day! – 24th of November 2018 – In support of Women in Diving, NZ Sea Adventures have moved our Women’s dive day to November in support of Women diver yet to invest in drysuits…  Though some Wellington divers use wetsuit’s through the winter it’s best holding event’s like this […]

  • Wellington Equipment Specialty course NZ PADI SCUBA Diving

    PADI Specialties of the Quarter – Equipment

    Don’t miss a dive due to a scuba gear issue. Whether it’s a blown o-ring, regulator problem, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, you can learn how to manage basic scuba equipment adjustments. Why take the PADI Equipment Specialty course? As a PADI Equipment Specialist, you are prepared for the basic scuba equipment maintenance, care […]

  • Wellington Dive course - PADI Open Water Diver certification

    PADI Open Water Diver Course – 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st of October

    Learn to SCUBA Dive! Learn to SCUBA dive with the worlds most popular PADI Open Water Diver course at Wellington’s Premier Dive Centre; NZ Sea Adventures. Experience first hand the exciting underwater world, get up close to marine life and indulge in underwater adventures every day. Your PADI course includes: online study, Pool lessons, Open […]

  • Wellington Dive Course - PADI Advanced Open Water

    PADI Advanced Open Water Course – 29th and 30th of September

    PADI Advanced Open Water Course Scheduled! “Looking to find out more and gain experience scuba diving since your Open Water Diver course?” Taking the Advanced Open Water course is an important step in coming a SCUBA Diver.  Sure it’s not a Specialty course or as intense as the Open Water Diver course but that’s the […]

  • Wellington Dive Course - PADI Rescue Diver

    PADI Rescue Diver course – 6th and 7th of October

    Coming up the 6th and 7th of October we have the all famous PADI Rescue Divers course.  You will hear from many people that this is the best dive course you will ever take… CHALLENGING  and  REWARDING These words probably best describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. Building upon what you’ve already learned during your diving […]

  • Wellington dive gear and equipment fourth element changing mat

    NEW STOCK – Handy Change Mat

    Handy Fourth Element Changing Mat. A generously sized changing mat that is useful in so many environments. This super tough changing mat bi-folds down to allow it to be stored in your drysuit or dive bag for easy transportation. Pull it out wherever you are to avoid getting your feet wet or dirty.  Use it […]

  • Wellington SCUBA Diving Newsletter

    July Dive Crew Newsletter

    Dive Crew Night Come along on the Wednesday 4th of July for the monthly Dive Crew Night.  Arrive any time from 5pm.  Please bring a food contribution for the BBQ. You can also bring a drink if you wish and take a load-off while the “Chef” takes care of things, there’s tea and coffee here. Shortly after we […]