5 Specialty Ratings for the “Eco” diver.

  1. Wellington SCUBA Diving Courses Eco Specialty Package

Looking to get your PADI Master SCUBA Diver rating on a budget with an eye on the environment?

All scuba divers learn about the Master SCUBA Diver rating as they progress through the dive course; when learning to scuba dive and in continuing education courses like Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver.  At NZ Sea Adventures we have put together our “Eco Specilaty Package” for you.

Here’s what’s involved and how you can benefit.

1. PADI Project AWARE Specialty

The underwater world needs heroes. You can be one of them by championing the causes of the world’s most fragile and important aquatic ecosystems.  When taking the Project AWARE Specialty Course you learn about some of the most pressing problems facing the vulnerable ocean environment.  Everyday actions you can take to help conserve them from the Project AWARE Specialist Course are an invaluable asset to anybody and any scuba diver.  The course is informative, interesting and most importantly, you learn how to make a difference.

2. PADI Research Diver Specialty

The PADI Research Diver Specialty course is designed to aid those wishing to assist with documenting marine organism populations in locations of special interest. Documentation may relate to Marine Reserve applications, gazette Marine Reserves, shipwrecks, historical sites, areas subject to pollution or degradation.  The course involves a knowledge development session and two open water dives using tapes, transects and quadrants. Personal cameras may be used as well.

3. PADI Underwater Archaeology Specialty

The Underwater Archaeology Specialty is unique to New Zealand Sea Adventures.  Find out the thrill of discovering the past, uncover the truth about some of the local and national historical sites.  If you care for the environment and also have a fascination with wrecks, this is the programme for you. In order to understand where we are going we need to know where we have come from. Besides all that, Archaeology is fun.

The qualification is a special one and not available elsewhere in New Zealand.

4. PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

Another very well priced Specialty rating, with good buoyancy control diving is easier and you damage less of the underwater environment.  For these and many reasons. SCUBA divers like to be neutrally buoyant so they neither sink nor float. It can be a tricky thing.

Divers who have mastered the art of Peak Performance Buoyancy really stand out.

5. PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty

Knowing where you are & where you’re going makes a big difference to how much fun you have when Scuba diving.  With some well honed under water navigation skills you can make your diving more relaxing.  This may be the difference between finding a special spot underwater – or not.  Take the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty and improve your chances with proven navigation techniques for SCUBA Divers.

So don’t wait any longer, sign up for one or more of the “Eco Diver” Specialties today!

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