Night Diving – Awe and Exhilaration

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Have you ever gone out at Night and felt the excitement in the air? That’s what Night Diving is like except much more exhilarating! Entering the water by torch light is a thrill to say the least. It is a great way to explore and experience the excitement and awe of the underwater world as it takes on a whole new form.

Your SCUBA gear all works the same except for your dive lights, if you don’t normally use a dive light/torch then you will need a good one. The more powerful the more you will be able to see.

From the moment you enter the water your senses go on high alert. With only the light of your dive torch to guide you, the value of your dive skills becomes incredibly clear. Buoyancy control, air management and underwater navigation skills are all put into practice.

Your torch picks up all the colours that are normally hidden by the light being filtered from the surface during the day. Everything looks spectacular like during the day except better! Signalling your dive buddy and other divers is different too because nobody can see your hands.

Fish and other marine life behave differently too.

Sleepy fish are a lot more relaxed so prepare for some really close encounters. Species that stay hidden away during the day come out and show themselves too. You’ll see what appear to be new species and get a better look at other marine life, they too come out in the open during the night, who are normally hidden away during the day.

After a good Night dive you can be left feeling nothing short of elated. Your mind keeps going over the dive and everybody has plenty to talk about. Being Night Diving is a little different you can log the dive knowing you’ve achieved something special.

So give it a go. Try Night Diving as part of your Advanced Open Water course, maybe as an individual “Adventure Dive”. For the expert and those wanting the best of what there is to know and understand, then the PADI Night Diver Specialty is the way to go.