What’s involved in getting PADI Rescue Diver certified?

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Imagine you’re out diving with your local “Crew” or on a dive trip and something goes wrong, somebody is a little tired and cannot swim in, falls unconscious or is having trouble at some stage during the dive.  Would you know what to do without getting yourself into danger at the same time?  Sure you can do a tired diver tow now that you are an open water diver and use an alternate air source, these skills are there to keep you safe in an emergency of course  but what if the diver is panicked or unconscious?  How do you perform CPR in the water or is that even possible?

Knowing what to do in these and other scenarios presented during your PADI Rescue Diver course often becomes the difference between an uncomfortable situation and serious injury or death.  We learn that breathing underwater with scuba gear is a privilege to be taken seriously.  We also understand it should be enjoyed with an appreciation for the simple fact that it is not our natural habitat (how ever natural a place it becomes with just a little experience).  So it only makes sense to get the appropriate diver ratings which include the knowledge and skills to help keep it a healthy experience to be enjoyed time and time again.

The PADI Rescue Diver course is fun too.  Diver safety is about being comfortable and confident as mush as knowing what to do if something went wrong.  Being knowledgeable about what can happen builds confidence and an understanding of dive safety that actually prevents accidents from happening.  Also having the peace of mind from positive experiences helps everybody to stop and think before they act in a challenging scenario.  Trying to simulate rescue scenarios for the first time with your class mates brings out the best of novice acting… or just plain funny situations.  Hence Rescue Diver is referred to as fun and rewarding along with the increased safety and awareness.

Your PADI Rescue Diver course at NZ Sea Adventures encompasses state of the art PADI eLearning, skill development in our on-site diver training pool plus a day performing scenarios and skills in the Open Water.  Our staff are experienced professionals who put your comfort and safety first in order to create the best learning environment.  There is a recent first aid certificate required for which we offer a significantly reduced Medic First Aid course in line with a Rescue Diver program.

With a little online study and a fun filled, challenging and rewarding weekend with the Crew at NZ Sea Adventures you’ll leave feeling like a completely new diver.  You’ll be another step closer to becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver with greater confidence and experience backed up by First Aid and PADI Rescue Diver skills.

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