Does your Regulator Leak?

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To find out if your regulator is leaking, simply breath from the second stage while blocking the first stage with your finger or the dust cover. If there is air leaking into the second stage then there is problem that needs to be fixed. Water may be leaking through the: mouthpiece, diaphragm or exhaust ports.

Inhalation of salt water – If your regulator is leaking you may inhale a fine salt water mist which can cause irritation to your lungs. The side effects of ‘Salt Water Aspiration Syndrome’ might be:
   Aches and pains
   Mild fever
   Shortness of breath

Please note that this simple test is not a replacement for a service. If you have a leaking regulator, bring it in to us for repair. NZ Sea Adventures, 04 233-8238

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