Learning to dive, what is involved?

Taking the PADI Open Water Diver course is one of the most exciting and thrilling part’s of being a SCUBA diver.  From the slight nervous feeling the first time you breath underwater to swimming around weightlessly.  Seeing living, swimming real marine life in it’s natural habitat first hand is nothing short of ore inspiring.  New sensations are in abundance while you and new found friends experience everything for the first time.

While we are not looking to spoil anything in this blog, the aim is to offer some easy to understand descriptions of what to expect.

Online Study

Online learning has taken hold on the world and growing at an alarming rate with scuba diving exemplifying some of the most modern examples of this.  PADI eLearning courses are quite comprehensive with expanded examples and short videos to help new divers learn.  There are simple multiple choice Knowledge Reviews and you can back track at any stage to review previous materials.  Learn at your own pace, where and when ever is convenient to you.  It’s said to allow 12 hours for the online study with divers completing it sometimes in as little as just a few hours at home.

When completed you get an eLearning completion form in PDF format.  This form is needed when you come in to do the in-water sections, just print off or email to the store and we’ll print it off ready for when you arrive.

Dive Gear and Pool Skills

The practical in water sections include a weekend learning how to operate the scuba diving equipment and becoming familiar with the skills.  The weekend starts off easily with a little meet and greet as we fill in paperwork and run through a short induction.  In your induction you’ll learn the safety aspects of our location and where all the amenities are.  We discuss what you need to do and do a Quick Review.  Once completed, any questions that need clarifying are discussed as well so everybody understands the information.

Your PADI Instructor takes you through equipment preparation and operation before getting in the pool.  We start off easily in water you can stand up in and practice some skill’s to get you into the swing of things.  You get to breath underwater for the first time, swim around, weight less underwater and discover a new found confidence you never thought existed.

The next day after everybody is rested and familiar with the equipment and surroundings, we finish the pool skills in a fun morning lesson.

Then the most fun part of all, the Open Water Dives

The second weekend of your course, we take your new skills and the equipment into the ocean with your Instructor and the rest of the class.  You start off easily with a shallow entry then swim around with all the space in the world (70% of the planet being ocean that is).  Skill practice is needed as you progress through the 4 dives and enjoy the variety of new experiences and sensations.  There is a vast amount of marine life underwater to experience.  From shell fish and crustaceans to fish swimming around you, sometimes right up to you to say “hello”.

Underwater on every dive the things we see are different.  You may be pleasantly surprised by friendly fish that have become very comfortable around divers, to others that are more wary.   Some dive sites offer different bottom contours to explore like trenches, walls and kelp forests.  Swimming around weightless, underneath the ocean is an experience never forgotten and for many, enjoyed often.

For more details and to sign up – PADI Open Water Diver Course – click here

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