The Shearwater TERIC has taken off!!!

  1. Wellington dive computer shearwater teric

This fantastic watch style dive computer has the following:

Modes – Free Diving, Watch, OC Rec, OC Tec, CC/BO, Gauge.

Air integrated – capable of reading two transmitters.

Functions – Alarms, stop watch, BlueTooth LE, charging dock, digi compass, case.

We just received a very excited email from Andrew who is the NZ Agent for Shearwater, and thought it was well worth sharing:

“I’m happy to tell you that I’ve just had the chance to dive the new Shearwater Teric computer for 2 weeks in Truk Lagoon and can tell you categorically that this is an amazing computer!!  The experience allowed me to discover a few nice little features that are new to this computer. It helped that Lynn and Bruce Partridge – owners of Shearwater were also on this trip and were able to share many of the lesser known features.

I’ve attached a couple of photos of some of the different screens.  They are very customisable, so you can control, colours, layout etc.  The wireless charging is really simple, and fast, most of the 4 Terics being used on the trip were being worn all day and just getting topped up every 3 days or so.  Underwater they are noticeably brighter and clearer than the Perdix and Petrel, and the vibration alerts were very useful, without being distracting.  The menu structure only takes a few minutes to get used to, they have set the user interface to be very similar to the other Shearwater products, so for divers used to the other models, they will feel at home.

The bad news is the response from dealers around the world has been amazing, and sales have exploded!!  In the first 24 hours after launch, Shearwater sold 1000 units and after the first week, sold 3 months worth of stock.  This confidence, along with my experience with the Teric tells me that this computer is going to be a fantastic success here in New Zealand”.

So there it is folks, another well proven world class dive computer from Shearwater with something for everyone. The order time is now 12-14 weeks – not ideal, but there should be stock available for the summer season. Call 04 233-8238 to order yours.

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