Air Integrated – Sherwater Perdix Dive Computer.

  1. Wellington Dive Gear - Shearwater Perdix AI

The Perdix Shearwater AI (Air Integrated) dive computer has a large, easy-to-read screen that clearly displays the tank pressure, your gas time remaining and other essential dive data. The computer has an optional integrated transmitter that sends your cylinder pressure and time remaining to the Perdix. The Perdix can be used without the trasmitter – but you will need an SPG.

The Perdix is a serious option regardless of whether you are diving a single cylinder, twin cylinders, side-mount or rebreather. The Perdix AI is capable of connecting electronically to either one or two transmitters giving you the option to monitor two independent cylinders with different gases – whether back or side-mounted. Using the Perdix AI allows you to remove the SPG and hose from your first stage – or keep it for a back-up.

The Perdix will display your full dive data, dive log and digital compass. It also includes an adaptive safety stop and NDL bar graph to assist safe diving. Additionally, the Perdix can be programmed for:
a          Multiple gases including trimix,
b          Optional air integrated or non-air integrated,
c          Constant PO2 for a closed circuit rebreather,
d          Deco gases and CCR bailout gases, or
e          Gauge mode.

The language display choice is: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

The screen is a high Resolution, easy-to-read 5.58 cm with enhanced colour range. Operation is via two buttons that allows you to navigate through a logical menu structure. The Perdix has a slim wrist mounted profile which is 30% smaller in volume than the Shearwater Petrel computer.

Both the Perdix and Transmitter batteries are user changeable. The Perdix works with any standard 1.5v AA battery and the transmitter uses a 3v CR2 Lithium battery.