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  1. Wellington SCUBA Diving Adventures

Dive to greater depths, explore underwater Shipwrecks, dive colder waters, use Nitrox and Navigate more challenging dive destinations…

Given our Temperate climate, let’s start with Dry suit diving!  Diving a Dry suit can make even the coldest climate seem tropical but we’ll come back to that.  Diving a dry suit is fun too.  Just like the novelty of breathing underwater, with diving dry it just never get’s old.  You can also adjust your buoyancy with your dry suit and know you’ve got some of the swishest kit around.  Getting out of the water and having dry feet, dry clothes and barely needing to dry off is also great fun.  You only need to rinse off the outside of your dry suit too, it’s easy.  It’s warm.  You can adjust the amount of layers you have underneath to any temperature and be as warm or cool as you like.

Navigate challenging dive sites and locations like you’ve been there a hundred times before with the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course.  Never mind getting disorientated or long surface swims, master extensive compass use and Navigation techniques to find your way around.  Find previous or recommended locations, around obstacles, depths and distances to tell dive stories that rival the best.

Nitrox or Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx for short) add’s time for greater adventure underwater with extended no-decompression limit’s.  Divers understand this with little more explanation with some noticing reduced fatigue and increased energy for more diving too!  Available at NZ Sea Adventures from both PADI and TDI, you get the best course for your desired interest.

The PADI Deep diver is quite simply blood pumping adrenaline at it’s purest, although you need a calm mind, the thrill of executing Deep dives is unsurpassed.  Thrill seekers and safety minded wanderers enjoy deep recreational scuba diving for many reasons; there are other things going on at deeper depths, Shipwrecks, some marine life prefer depth and certainly as explained, divers enjoy the novel experience and sense of Adventure!

There are not many aspects of scuba diving that cannot be enjoyed while Wreck Diving.  Increased marine life, history and Archaeology, Adventure and exploration, Depth, the list is long.  Taking the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty increases your ability to understand and find out about shipwrecks, how to navigate safely and make penetration dives too.  Get your camera out once certified and get some snap shot’s and videos.  Marine growth and fish life becomes prolific on shipwrecks, with time they house many different species and in great numbers too.

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