It’s all in a name

  1. Wellington Teric Dive Computer name meaning

When the new Shearwater Teric was unveiled, I was bemused. Why had Shearwater turned their backs on a tradition of naming wrist dive computers with names beginning with the letter ‘P’. We have Predator, Petrel, Perdix. What was different about the Teric, in fact what did Teric mean. I immediately went on line and found one meaning of Teric was “a baby boys name”. Very puzzling. More digging by our NZ Sea Adventures Special Investigations Team revealed the name chosen was used with a silent ‘P’ so the real name was Pteric. This was defined as “ relating to, or resembling a wing”. Now that is getting closer. In-depth investigation revealed  Pteric was derived from Pterodactylus. Now don’t get excited, this is not a dinosaur.  Pterodactylus is an extinct flying reptile genus of pterosaurs, whose members are popularly known as pterodactyls. That places the Teric firmly in the ‘P’ wrist dive computer bird company. So now you know. The reason given for omitting the ’P’ is it is socially unacceptable to spit while pronouncing the name of the computer you adore.

The Pteric, or now the more socially sensitive Teric, has more features than even the Perdix including brighter and clearer displays. Like the Pterodactylus in its day, the Teric is a world leader from the world leading Shearwater House. If you want a state-of-the-art computer you can wear diving or to the Ball, call us on Wellington 04 233-8238 or email. Better still, pop in:9 Marina View, Mana, Wellington.

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