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PADI Scuba Diving Courses

We offer a wide range of diver training from learning how to SCUBA Dive (the popular PADI Open Water Diver course) plus advanced dive skills through the Advanced Open Water course and PADI Master SCUBA Diver rating.

Wellington learn to dive SCUBA diving PADI Open Water Diver course nz

- Wellington Scuba Shop dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS RebreathersSidemount diving has become common place since it’s introduction to Recreational Diving with Specialties offered through both PADI and TDI.  We have Professional level diving starting at Divemaster right through to Master Instructor.  We have been training divers since 1975 and welcome everyone who has an interest in diving to come and take up the challenge and enjoy the sport of SCUBA Diving.

Keep an eye on our Dive Calendar at the bottom of every page for courses coming up soon.

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Wellington Dive Scuba diving gear equipment New Dive Gear

Need some new kit?  No problem, we have an extensive range of quality dive gear from all the best brands to choose from and Package deals for all the most popular configurations.  Have a look at some of the latest dive gear and come see us for all your dive gear requirements.

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Dive Trips - Wellington Scuba Shop dive gear diving equipment Wellington PADIi dive courses Wellington TDI courses KISS RebreathersDive Crew Trips and Adventures

All year round, we offer you the opportunity to go diving.  We dive all the best local Wellington dive sites where the weather conditions allow safe diving. These sites offer something for everyone, from quick easy dives to longer more challenging areas so that there is something for everyone. Our dedicated staff are there to make sure you have a safe and fun dive.

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Wellington Sidemount Dive offer

Sidemount Diving

We teach Sidemount Diving at NZ Sea Adventures and love the freer feel in the water and the ease of getting in and out compared to twins and diving larger singles off the boat.  We stock Dive Rite Nomads which are a great BCD, that is flexible enough to be used with traditional back mounted tanks, Sidemount, twin tanks, and rebreathers.

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Wellington KISS expedition box Dive offerTechnical Diving and Rebreathers

Want to go deeper, stay down longer?   Wellington TDI Logo Dive offer

We offer a full range of Technical & Rebreather diver training and equipment and are suppliers of  KISS Rebreather’s and Shearwater Computers.

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Diver Support Services

Certified divers can enjoy extended support services through our dive centre.  These include Dive Tank fills, Cylinder testing, Dive Gear servicing and repairs.

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First Aid Training

Here at NZ Sea Adventures we have a team of experienced first aid instructors who believe first aid training should be easy, fun and most importantly effective. Our programmes cover:

  • The First Aid Provider – Personal Safety & EMSWellington CPR Dive offer
    Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED Use
    Basic CPR Skills
    Basic Life Support Care
    Foreign Body Airway Obstruction/Choking
    First Aid Assessment
    Caring for Serious Injury – Bleeding, Shock Management, Fractures, Soft-tissue injuries, and Wounds
    Caring for Sudden Illness – Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures, Breathing Difficulties and Asthma, Severe      Allergic Reaction, Chest Pain

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Fishing Gear plus Bait and TackleWellington Dive Shop - Fishing Gear, Tackle and Bait Store

Our Wellington Dive Shop is located next to the only all-weather boat launching ramp on the west coast.  We have a good selection of fishing tackle and accessories from Hot Shotz, Wasabi, Black Magic, Gamakatsu and other great brands.  There is a great selection of well priced Southern Bait, lures, spinners and sinkers for every job.  Also great buying are our Rod and Reel combos from Jarvis Walker and Rovex.

Wellington Dive Shop - Spearfishing Gear and Freediving Wetsuit nzSpearfishing Gear

We also support spearfishing which is becoming popular as the dive industry grows.  Starting from wetsuits, fins, spearguns, everything you need to get into the sport or replace that old gear.  There are also some great  packages  too.

Kayak and Boating Accessories

Kayaking is a great way to explore the many waterways and oceans surrounding New Zealand.  Kayak “fishing” has become a very popular way to reach those difficult to access fishing spots.  You can even Scuba dive from a Kayak.  We have a specific selection of Kayaking and Boating life vests, paddles and accessories in store including but not limited to; Paddles, boat anchor and rope, boat bungs and towing flags.


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