Learn to dive the GEM Semi-Closed recreational Rebreather, take the KISS GEM Diver Course (Gas Extending Mechanism). Make your cylinder last 3 times longer and you will be 3 times quieter, great for photography!

  • TDI Technical Diving. Dive NZ Sea Adventures, WellingtonGEM SCR course

    Course Length:             3 Days




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  • Why take the KISS GEM Diver course?

    SCR diver

    The KISS GEM Diver Course takes you through the safe operation of these simple and effective devices.  The KISS GEM Semi-Closed Rebreather is easily one of the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive rebreathers on the market today.  It is perfect for the recreational and travelling diver wanting just that little bit more.

    What’s involved in the course?

    The course will run you through all the required knowledge and skills to safely use the KISS GEM Rebreather. This will include knowledge development, some time in the pool then off to the ocean to put to use everything you learnt and discover how easy and quiet the rebreather is.

    Who can take the course?

    To take this course you must be at least Advanced Open Water certified, be at least 18 years old and have your Nitrox certification. We can run the Nitrox course at the same time as this one if needed.

    When does the course run?

    This course can be run anytime on request and in conjunction with your Rebreather purchase.

    Where does the course run?

    The course is run at our Dive Centre in Mana near Porirua, Wellington then a selection of local dive sites.

    How do I sign up?

    Drop by the Dive Centre to discuss dates and equipment requirements.