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4 Great things about Winter Diving.

Better Visibility

Be it more regular rain so there’s less dust washing into the ocean or changing ocean currents.  Any diver around Wellington who enjoys winter diving will tell you that on average there is better visibility during winter.

With better visibility you can see more and take in more of the marine environment.  Navigation is easier and the whole experience is improved.  Now if you are a dreadnought for the thrill of putting your equipment for doing these things through it’s paces then you’ll just have to take the challenge of enjoying the good visibility instead.

More Options

Winter diving gives you more options for your diving pursuits.  When looking to do things like specialty courses and exploring popular dive sites you will be able to access services and support that much more easily.  You can get your own drysuit sorted and become a certified Drysuit diver without the worry of overheating.  Night Diving becomes much more accessible with less daylight hours and more… let’s say night-ness.

Drysuit Diving is fun!

Suiting up and going diving while staying dry is a really cool thing.  Exploring underwater in even the coldest water while remaining comfortable in your drysuit is an amazing experience not to be scuffed over.  You can add and decrease your layers for different levels of comfort and when you unzip after diving you’re completely dry underneath!  Diving a drysuit also gives you another buoyancy control method that is fun to use.  Adding air for comfort and also warmth by allowing your undergarments to perform better is great fun.  Some divers enjoy diving their dry-suits all year round!

Night Diving is easier

With less daylight hours comes more night time hours, who would have thought?  This makes it easier to fit a night dive here and there into our busy schedules and not a problem if you’re working or have other commitments the next day either.   Night dives can be organised from as early as 5pm on the shortest days, meaning you can be home in plenty of time for all the usual things and a good nights rest.  All diving is better when the visibility underwater is better on average which you will have read about above and this includes Night Diving! 

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