Wetsuit or Drysuit

Here is a first world dilemma. If you were going on the Waikato Drift Dive trip, would you take your wet suit or your dry suit?

On one hand the Taupo temperature is predicted to be sunny and 13 degrees, it’s the end of winter and the river is colder than the sea. My dry suit is so warm, especially with the Artic Undergarments that I could honestly live in full time.

On the other hand, the wet suit might be best as it is really nice warming up in the natural hot pools at the end of the drift dive! It would not be quite as much fun wearing the dry suit in hot pools as it would get uncomfortably warm quite quickly. I have a renewed passion for my wet suit because I got one at the end of summer for my more adventurous dives in extra rocky places (think Moa Point).

It might be best to go for the best of both worlds and bring all my gear, just in case. Update to follow after this weekend.

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