Do I need a Dive Computer and what type?

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You Especially Should have a dive computer.

Jokes aside, the answer is obvious.  What we would like to do is highlight some of the reasons why we are so confident in our recommendation.

Compared to using dive tables and guessing water temperatures, moderating no-deco limits and even air consumption options.  These are complex equations for even the sharpest minds among us.  For starters, have you ever planned out a dive trip using dive tables, carried a slate to record decent/ascent times etc.  It’s time consuming and arduous at best, essentially distracting from enjoying the diving you’d set out to do.

Dive Computer options 

There are a variety of options available through our Wellington dive shop to cover more than any divers needs.  Select from stylish wrist and watch versions, functional and simple consoles and full functioning multi-purpose options.  The best option for value is the best that money can buy.  If you’re on a budget then by all means go for the cheaper version to compliment your type of diving at the time.  As divers we will grow and learn then need more from a dive computer.  Consider your next step/s at the same time and other area’s you are likely to delve into.  Extra functions soon become valuable in your diving as well.

SCUBA Diving Computers

Recreational and Technical Divers can all benefit from a top of the line dive computer.  You can get the simplest functions from a quality Sherwood Profile 2 in either wrist mounted or a console with SPG for air monitoring and an optional Compass!  These keep a track of your full diving information (depth’s, times, temperature, ascent rates) and give real time no-deco’ information while diving.  Plus keep a track of your previous dive’s influence to the next.  Quickly pull up dive log information from up to 25 previous dives at the touch of a button.

The Best you can buy for any type of diving with function’s for all types of diving and options to keep you fascinated is a Shearwater dive computer.  Options include the Perdix with Recreational and Technical Functions to compliment any diving arrangement.  From Recreational, Nitrox, Trimix and Rebreather diving, the Perdix has it covered.  Air monitoring via wireless transmitters for more than one tank and many more features.  Shearwater have a Petrel 2 and a Near Eye Retinal Display (AKA the NERD) that can be plugged into your CCR’s Oxygen Sensors for accurate Rebreather diving..!  The latest edition to the Shearwater range is a watch style “Teric” dive computer to cover all types of diving; Utilising their easy to read LED screens, divers can enjoy full Freediving, Recreational and Technical Diving features in a handy and slim watch.  There are many features to mention so for a full description please see our Computers and Gauges section in the online store.

Free-diving Computers

Yes you need a computer for free-diving as much as for SCUBA diving.  A freediving computer should be simple and small so as not to impede your diving and spearfishing.  Dive times and surface intervals need to be monitored, water temperature and max depth and time reminders to keep you safe. For a dedicated freediving watch you can pick up a Salvimar ONE for just $299 either in store or through our online store.  These have all the functions needed to assist with your Free-diving plus a stylish watch.  The Shearwater Teric also has Free-diving functions in a watch size plus will cover any Recreational and Technical SCUBA Diving you do also.

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